Living by the sea

Haus Christo and our holiday homes
In the foreground Haus Christo and our holiday homes

Accommodation in Pollonia, Milos

You find our houses in the northeast of the island of Milos, in Pollonia-Pelekuda, on a little peninsula without much traffic. It is only 7 minutes walk from the Pollonia bus stop.

If you want just a room, an apartment or a studio, you will find it in our House Christo, for bigger parties we offer also entire houses.

A few words about the climate: especially in summer we usually have the Meltemi, a north wind, which ensures that the temperatures are rarely perceived as too hot, moreover, the air is also cooled by the nearby sea. We do not have air conditioning ourselves (just fans) and do not miss it (sometimes we are even a little annoyed about noisy equipment in the neighborhood); air conditioning is only provided in a few guest rooms where the sunshine might require it. On rare days without a breeze you can jump into the sea any time. In the evenings and at night it cools down anyway, so it can't be wrong to bring a cardigan.

There is a small beach in front of our property, where you can easily go into the water, some people even like to go swimming before breakfast. It is also a great starting point for a kayaking tour. Especially in summer, it is a place where people come to take pictures of the spectacular sunsets over the sea.