The party of the hole

It is certainly unusual that holes are publically celebrated! But amazingly, and even more confusingly, we celebrate a hole that does not exist. Nevertheless, we do this twice a year here in Pollonia, on March the 21st and September 21st, together with our friends and guests.

It all started like this: Many years ago on a beautiful September evening I sat with my mother at the veranda-table outside of our house which was still very small then. At a certain moment, watching the sun go down, we noticed with surprise that it shone directly through a hole in the rock named Kalogeros, before sliding down its edge into the sea. In that very moment we realized the date, the 21st September, the day of equinox all over the world and we understood the breathtaking fact, that we were sitting on a magic spot. Our assumption that the same would happen in March was proved correct in spring the following year. From then on we have gratefully celebrated the fact that we obviously live in a very special place, with a party twice a year on those days.

We have a good time with our friends and guests, enjoy good food and wine and listen to our and our friends' self-made music. Mr. Belivanakis wrote an article in his newspaper MILOS, after he had joined in a couple of years ago. The title was "A rare phenomenon".


A few years ago, on a winter's day with heavy rain, the outer part of the hole edge was washed away so, sadly, there is no hole anymore, but we are continuing our beautiful tradition, many people brought us new spare holes, holes in stones, painted holes, self-made holes. And as we are aware that there are many beautiful holes in the world, we do very much like to celebrate them and will do so even in the future.